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Bio-Electronic Regulation Techniques

Electromagnetic Bio-resonance is one of the so-called “bio-energetic regulation techniques” (BER) from which Dr. Voll’s electroacupuncture criteria stemmed from in the second half of the century (EAV). In particular, they derived from Dr. Schimmel’s Vega-test (VRT) and further developments...

It is based upon the recording of the variation of electric conductance/impedance at the level of those cutaneous points with evident electric conductibility (they generally correspond with the limits of the energetic meridians of traditional Chinese medicine).

Practically, it consists in a virtual contact between a living organism and the biological variables of frequency (information).

The patient holds an electrode in his/her hand and the doctor measures the impedance of the acupuncture points with a specific machine in order to evaluate the energetic values of the organs.

Then, the doctor starts looking for specific electromagnetic frequencies on the surface of the body thus creating a circuit between the patient and the analyzed substances which are contained in phials according to a homeopathic dilution.

The duration of the test (between a few minutes and an hour) depends upon the need to obtain more or less detailed results. The test is long if you want to analyze the whole condition of the body, organ by organ;  it is shorter if you already know what it is important to analyze in depth, as it is the case when you have already undergone the test.

This test allows to diagnose allergens, viruses, bacteria, parasites and other elements such as dental amalgams.

Reliability of the Test

The bio-energetic test provides a definitive analysis as well as a method to be integrated in medical diagnostic research (consultation, case history, objective examination, laboratory diagnostics or through images, etc.). It provides important additional information regarding different functional levels of the body which at present, cannot be investigated through traditional diagnostic methods or with complicated methods only.


During a therapy session, the electromagnetic oscillations of the patient are caught through a series of conductive electrodes which are put on the body and then directed towards the Bio-resonance machine which recognizes both harmonic and non-harmonic oscillations trough a sophisticated electronic device in order to use them with a therapeutic approach.

Making a comparison with traditional methods, this therapy is non-invasive and devoid of side effects since no substances are introduced in the body in any moment of the test. Everything is based upon the electro-magnetic oscillations of the body of the patient.


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