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SEQEX and Ion Cyclotron Resonance

The phenomenon of Ion Cyclotron Resonance (ICR) has been known to classic physics since the first years of the last century. The first observations on the biological effects of Ion Resonance were described in the Seventies by researchers, W.R. Adey and Carl Blackman...

In 1984, the American biophysicist, Abraham R. Liboff, conducted various experiments on cell cultures in which the application of Ion Resonance increased the passage of key biological ions such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, sodium, etc. through the cell membranes.

Liboff demonstrated that the phenomenon is based on the presence of two parallel magnetic fields with precise values of intensity and frequency: The earth magnetic field (Geomagnetic Field) in combination with a variable magnetic field the frequency of which corresponds to stimulations of ICR frequency.

In 1987, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the American agency that authorizes the use of drugs and medical devices, approved the first medical application of ICR to handle cases of non-bone welding.

A few years later a second medical application was approved to help spinal fusion. In the second half of the Nineties, the Trentino company S.I.S.T.E.M.I. Srl built for the first time a device based on the phenomenon of ICR for the total body treatment called SEQEX, on the market since 2000. It is a device for the human application of pulsed magnetic fields based on the phenomenon of Ion Cyclotron Resonance. It is approved according to Directive 93/42 EEC on electromedical devices and patented in Europe and USA.

SEQEX allows 30 complex forms of waves to be programmed and produced, characterized by:

- Variability of the intensity of the magnetic field up to a maximum of 1 Gauss (in order of magnitude of the Earth’s magnetic field);

- variability of the frequency from 1 to 80 Hz; Periodic and adjustable pause times, during which no waves are generated;

- automatic reversal of polarity of the magnetic fields every 90 seconds.

The planning and generating of the wave forms, the control of the established parameters and the functions are made using a sophisticated microprocessor technology protected by international patent. The equipment, in its MED and FAM forms, can be used for treatments in hospital and clinics as well as in outpatient facilities and in your own home (always under the supervision of the doctor). The versatile characteristics of the SEQEX treatment allow personalized programs to be created characterized by different parameters which can be adapted to the different needs of the users.

Depending on the parameters selected, SEQEX can:

- Positively change the dynamics of the microcirculation, thus creating a reduction of localized dystrophy phenomena;

- facilitate the healing of inflammatory processes of the osteoarticular system;

- promote osteogenesis, accelerating the process of reconstruction of the bones after fractures;

- lead to increased blood flow in the peripheral circulatory system, accelerating the healing of wounds;

- produce a muscle relaxant effect.


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