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Body Impedance Analyzer (BIA)

Bioelectrical impedance analysis, or bioimpedance, can be used to directly measure the weight and percentage of body fat in your body. It is a simple, rapid, non-invasive technique. A variety of systems are available that measure leg-to-leg or total body impedance...

The technique measures the resistance of the body to the flow of a safe, low-level (1 mA) electric current through fluids in fat and lean tissues. Lean tissue (muscle) contains abundant water and electrolytes, making it conductive; the electrical current passes freely through it. Fat tissue has less water, so the current encounters resistance and flows less easily.

Bioimpedance measures Total Body Water which is then used to calculate the relative amounts of skeletal muscle and fat. This is done by computer, using linear regressions that factor in height, weight, age, gender and ethnicity. Total Body Fat is calculated by difference. Systems vary, but some models output percent skeletal muscle mass, body fat, visceral (abdominal) fat, extracellular water and intracellular water.

Bioimpedance is very sensitive to the level of hydration in your body. The best time to measure your body fat is in the late afternoon or early evening when variations in hydration are lowest, if possible. If you plan to repeat the analysis over time (if you’re trying to lose or gain weight), the most important thing is to schedule the analysis for the same time of day each time.


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