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Bio-Frequency Spectrum Therapy

Bio-Frequency Spectrum (BFS) is a nomenclature for both the frequency and the spectrum of physical information emanating from a living body. BFS is different from the description of the frequency and the spectrum of wave length. It has been found that the existence and changes of the physical information not only correlate with the functional status of a living body, but they also reflect its healthy status...

Experiments have confirmed that a living body is a natural irradiating source which continuously emits frequency signals to the environment  under living conditions. In comparison with other irradiating sources, its energies are relatively weak. BFS in living bodies has common characteristics and its covering ranges from ultra—violet rays to weak microwave. However, BFS in human body are mainly concentrated in the region between infrared ray to weak microwave. Therefore, simulating this comprehensive physical information of human body and feeding it back to human body itself constitutes the key points of BFS theory.

Our greater understanding and knowledge in this area further enhances our ability to use this knowledge in energy healing for our well-being.

When we fall sick or when we are weak, the energy frequencies in our body change.

Today, we know the specific frequencies in healthy individuals and we are able to easily bring any individual back to this healthy state with just the exact bio-frequency!


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