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Thyroid and Biological Medicine

The documents regarding the thyroid which have been published on this site mainly aim at explaining how to cure – often without difficulty – thyroid pathologies, without taking the thyroid hormone for life...

Due to the relevance of the thyroid, we have decided to dedicate a whole section to this gland and reading this first document carefully is crucial...


The thyroid universe is varied and very complicated.

Whoever suffers from thyroid pathologies will find this first general part extremely useful since it explains the therapeutic stance adopted by Biological and Integrated Medicine while treating thyroid illnesses.

Many people wonder what we mean when we talk about “the natural treatment of the thyroid” as they think it is mainly based upon homeopathy, herbs and other resources of this kind.

First of all, it is important to underline that the “natural treatment” of thyroid illnesses is much more articulated and complicated than a simple homeopathic, homotoxicologic or phytotherapic remedy: any attempt to treat the thyroid with this kind of natural remedy would be unsuccessful in 95% of cases.

Let’s make an example regarding hypothyroidism. It could never be healed without:

1)    correcting the “oxidative type” of the patient (see the fourth step of the document titled “Superior Nutrition”)

2)    eliminating foods which are responsible for slowing down the thyroid functioning;

3)    correcting probable imbalances of the metabolic and energetic system of the patient;

4)    correcting probable imbalances of the “organic liquids” (bacterial flora, candidasis, etc.)

It is impossible to achieve the above by prescribing homeopathic or homotoxicologic products or herbs only.

The biologic treatment of thyroid pathologies depends upon 2 elements: the first one is the ability to carry out a functional diagnosis which is not only organic; the second one is the ability to create a synergy between the different therapies which form part of Biological Medicine with mastery and experience, always basing upon the specific cases of patients.

In this document, we also intend to explain why, in our opinion, a protocol which implies the use of the same drug (the thyroid hormone) for life cannot be applied to any kind of thyroid pathology; in fact, the same hormone is prescribed indifferently in case of “thyroiditis”, “nodules”, “hypothyroidism”, as well as in many cases of “hyperthyroidism”.

For instance, after analysing many case files, we have found out that many people were very healthy before being treated with the thyroid hormone (click here), but they have been involved in the “pharmacological system” just because the world protocol provided for by the pharmaceutical industry is applied thoughtlessly.

Some doctors even prescribe the thyroid hormone as a form of prevention and this fact really speaks for itself.

Instead, it is possible to say that Biological Medicine can get extraordinary results treating people who really suffer from thyroid illnesses without using the hormone.

We also intend to prove that some diagnostic examinations are often unreliable (click here).

For example, as regards nodules, 2 ultrasound scans of the thyroid which are carried out on the same day or with an interval of 2-3 days between each other (obviously in two different places and without showing the results of the first one) are often incompatible and sometimes extremely different.

As regards the thyroid as well, antibodies increase and decrease considerably even on the same day and in any case, they vary autonomously over time independently from the thyroid hormone (this is better explained in the paragraph relating to the thyroid).

In addition, concerning thyroiditis, we intend to show that it is not true that a thyroid with a high antibodies rate is always destined to undergo hypothyroidism, especially if it is treated properly with Biological and Integrated Medicine.

This is documented and proved by a series of cases regarding patients who have gradually eliminated the hormone and whose thyroid has kept on working perfectly over the years after being “rehabilitated” (click here).

In order to get a full understanding of the “thyroid planet”, we have also decided to publish many other clinical cases (click here).

Now, let’s focus on the most recurring question made by our patients: how do you treat thyroid illnesses?

Firstly, it is obvious that we do not prescribe the same lifelong hormone therapy for every patient indistinctly...

A real treatment for the thyroid must be based upon a “causal therapeutic path” which has to eliminate the (metabolic, energetic, nutritional) causes of the illness.

Only after eliminating those causes, it will be possible to heal the thyroid completely and forever.

As per the above, it is clear that the real target of the treatment is not represented by the thyroid itself, but by the elimination of the primary causes which have given rise to the disease: once the causes are eliminated, the thyroid is automatically healed.


Now, we will try to go into details starting from the definition of Biological and Integrated Medicine and from the description of therapies adopted to cure thyroid illnesses.

First of all, if you want to learn more about Biological Medicine, you can read the related document (click here) in order not to mistake Biological and Integrated Medicine for “homeopathy, herbs or homotoxicology”...


From the diagnostic point of view, in addition to conventional examinations (TSH, FT3, FT4 and antibodies tests, ultrasound scanning, scintigraphy, etc.), the staff of our Medical Centre carries out a functional check-up which allows to evaluate the health state of the body taking into consideration other parameters as well.

Furthermore, the “metabolic or oxidative type” of the patient, that is, his/her ability to produce oxidative reactions within cells is evaluated: for instance, diagnosing and, if necessary, correcting the “metabolic type” of the patient is crucial in the treatment of hypothyroidism.

The functional check-up can also include the measuring of the galvanic currents of the buccal cavity that, in some cases and in the specific case of thyroiditis, can be important for a good diagnosis.

Lastly, it is important to underline that the functional check-up is not invasive at all.


As regards the therapeutic phase, treatments are prescribed on the basis of the results of the functional check-up and of the definition of the oxidative type of the patient.

First of all, the therapy consists in correcting the metabolic-oxidative and energetic imbalances of the patient: for this reason, every patient represents a specific case and the treatment is personalized.

The correction of the oxidative type is fundamental in the treatment of the thyroid.

For this purpose, respect for some nutritional rules which can correct the metabolic condition is fundamental.

Then, as regards nutrition, it is important to underline that many doctors and endocrinologists fail to remember that some kinds of food can slow down or stimulate the thyroid functioning!

Equally, few doctors remember that some drugs and integrators can interfere with the thyroid activity.

Nevertheless, this is even related in the GNP (Guidelines for a National Programme) issued by the Superior Health Institute, in particular, in the table at the end of the document before the bibliography.

This official document deals with the interference between some drugs or foods with the thyroid functioning: obviously, a superficial reading might seem complicated to people who are not doctors...

Here is a list of some of them which have been defined as “clinically important”.

As regards drugs, many common syrups or hyperchlorhydria pills include “aluminium hydroxide”; the term “amiodarone” hides a widespread drug for heart diseases; “cholestyramine” is present in many drugs used for cholesterol and triglycerides; “non-steroid anti-inflammatory agents - NSAIDs” are widespread anti-inflammatory drugs...

Here are some examples.

Many foods such as soya and many kinds of water hide behind the definition of “calcium carbonate” which is responsible for slowing down the thyroid functioning; unfortunately, such kinds of food and water are not even mentioned in the list...

It is difficult to find endocrinologists who take this into consideration and in the vast majority of cases, the thyroid hormone is immediately prescribed for life.

In the field of Integrated Medicine, in certain cases of thyroid treatment, it is possible to use bio-therapeutic remedies (from homeopathic immunology, through oligotherapy, up to homotoxicology) or some techniques for energetic regulation (e.g. Bioresonance).

However, the ideal therapy is chosen according to the needs of each specific patient because in the field of Biological Medicine, there are no protocols (such as the one regarding the hormone which is prescribed for any thyroid illness) since any clinical case is unique and treated accordingly.


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