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Thyroid Nodules

The diagnosis of thyroid nodules is extremely frequent in conventional medicine and it is carried out through ultrasound scanning, followed by further analysis so as to avert tumors (analyses generally include blood test, needle biopsy, scintigraphy).

Once a nodule shows “benign”, a lifelong therapy based upon the prescription of thyroid hormones starts (the thyroid has to “rest”, the volume of the nodule could “increase” or “more nodules” could originate)...

Furthermore, nodules could even degenerate, therefore, they have to be kept “under control”.

At this point, millions of patients who have entrusted conventional medicine with their health start feeling worried and anxious about what they consider as a “dangerous” pathologic condition which is also emotionally distressing. Therefore, they resign themselves to the idea of taking hormones for the rest of their lives and undergo frequent endocrinologic examinations.

The Approach of Biological Medicine

The above mentioned approach is the same worldwide, but in our opinion, it is not the most appropriate.

Firstly, “nodules” could be a misleading term since it is often confused with “cyst”.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand what thyroid “nodules” are.

In the vast majority of cases, they are thyroid areas the consistency of which is different from the one of surrounding areas, therefore, they produce different “echoes”.

Nodules could be caused by masses of colloid material called “colloidal nodules”, they could be due to the enlargement of a part of the thyroid lobe or to small calcific areas called “calcific nodules”.

Nowadays, it has been proved that the hormone does not guarantee that everything is under control. On the contrary, there is a plethora of cases where the thyroid keeps on enlarging in spite of the hormonal therapy.

In certain cases, patients with thyroid nodules had to undergo surgical operation despite taking the hormone therapy for years.

According to statistics, it is a fact that thyroid extirpation is on the increase.

Moreover, thyroxine causes cardiovascular stress and a series of symptoms such as tachycardia, insomnia, anxiety, overweight and osteoporosis.

The only way to be sure of your good health is to help the thyroid restore its functions.

The thyroid is not a gland that works independently. It is part of a wider context that is called Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunologic System (P.N.E.I.) by modern medicine. From this point of view, glands and organs have to be considered as parts of a wider system where every element performs its specific function.

Biological Medicine is aware of this and it aims at restoring the functional harmony of the whole body by treating each specific subject according to his/her personal clinical outline.

In the presence of real thyroid problems, at our medical centre, a functional check-up is carried out in order to pinpoint possible energetic and functional imbalances and, according to the results of the examination, the most appropriate treatment is chosen.

After the diagnostic phase, Biological Medicine can adopt different therapies including specific nutritional programs that comply with the oxidative typology of the patient, homotoxicology, resonance therapy, oligotherapy, etc.

Making use of such therapies, Biological Medicine can easily control thyroid nodules without prescribing synthetic hormones and adopting natural therapies which restore the normal functioning of the gland.

As regards the abolition of thyroid hormones, according to our general rule, hormones are gradually eliminated, so that the gland rehabilitates and starts working properly again.

In order to achieve this purpose, for a limited period of time, natural remedies are used until every clinical analysis reverts to normal again.


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